Mission and ministry are watch words at Marshallton Church. We support mission projects locally, nationally and worldwide throughout the year.

Besides supporting mission projects financially, our church family gets involved in hands-on work. Over the years, our congregation has served in mission in Mexico at the BonFil Orphanage Project with Volunteers in Mission and with local congregations in Texas providing Hurricane Harvey relief.

We offer a mission of the month that serves to provide funds for various organizations ranging from the Anna Maria Turtle Watch in Florida to Domestic Violence in Chester County.

The Youth Fellowship has served in the Appalachian Service Project, the Good Works Project in Coatesville, PA. and Pittsburgh Project — each providing housing repair services.  They have also participated in the Atlantic Bridge exchange program.

In 1987 our congregation organized the Bradlin Chapter (West Bradford and Newlin Townships) of Meals on Wheels. We continue to serve that branch.  We provide meals at Safe Harbor of Chester County (homeless shelter), as well as giving to the Lord’s Pantry (emergency food).

Nationally we have participated in providing financial support in times of natural disasters.  Our congregation uses hymnals that helped finance Africa University, the first private, United Methodist-related, four-year college in southern Africa (Harare, Zimbabwe). We have also supported the Chicuque Rural Hospital in Mozambique, Africa.